In these years of activity R.S.SISTEMIhas realized several projects in which it has used components of last generation technology including:

- Programmable Logic Control(PLC)
- Safety PLC (PLC FS)

- Human-Machine Interface(HMI)
- Driver and Inverter


Our study design and consultancy works with 6 qualified employees for software development to hardware design. Through the help of modern computer systems and equipment technical specifications analyze, plan, monitor and propose customer solutions that best meet their requirements and in full compliance with current laws.



  • KERNEL: VTP322-VTP402 with planning’s platform Kernel Flash
  • MITSUBISHI: System A-Q series (old series) with planning’s platform Medoc, System Q series (new series) and FX series with planning’s platform GX Developer / GX IEC Developer
  • OMRON: with planning’s platform Syswin and CX Programmer
  • PHOENIX CONTACT: with planning’s platform PC WORX
  • SCHLEICHER: XCx (CNC&PLC) and field Bus RIO
  • SCHNEIDER: Twido serie with planning’s platform TwidoSoft and Micro TSX series with planning’s platform PL7 Pro
  • SEW Eurodrive: MOVI-PLC® series with planning’s platform MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio and editor PLC Editor
  • SIEMENS: S7-200-300-400 S7-1200-1500 LOGO! with planning’s platform STEP 7 MicroWin, Simatic Manager, TiA Portal, LOGO!Soft
  • UNITRONICS: M90, Vision, Jazz series with planning’s platform Vision Logic and U90 Ladder
  • VIPA: System 200V® and System 300S® series with planning’s platform Vipa’s WinPLC7 and/or Siemens’ Step7®


  • ABB: ACS series
  • CONTROL TECHNIQUES: Unidrive SP series
  • LINMOT: Linear Motore and Drives
  • OMRON: all of the inverter with planning’s platform CX Drive
  • PANASONIC: Minas A3, A4 series
  • SCHNEIDER: ATV, Lexium series with planning’s platform SoMove Lite
  • SEW Eurodrive: MOVITRAC® and MOVIDRIVE® series with planning’s platform MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio
  • SIEMENS: Simodrive, Simovert, Simotion-Sinamics, 611 series
  • VACON: NXP, NXS, NXL, 20, 10 series


  • PHOENIX CONTACT:  IP20 series with planning’s platform PC WORX
  • PILZ: PSS SB e PSS Universal series with planning’s platform PSS WinPro
  • WIELAND: Samos ® PRO series with planning’s samos ® PLAN


The components used as human-machine interface can be divided broadly into two types: "Operator Panel" and "Panel PC"

Operator Panel:

  • ESA Elettronica: all the Panel Operator from those of text to Touch-Screen with planning’s platform VTWin e Polymath
  • HAKKO Electronics: all the Panel Operator from those of text to Touch-Screen with planning’s platform VSFT-V5
  • MITSUBISHI: GOT series with planning’s platform GT Designer
  • OMRON: Panel Operator NT series with planning’s platform CX Designer
  • PHOENIX CONTACT: with planning’s platform PC WORX and WEBVISIT
  • SCHNEIDER: Magelis series with planning’s platform Vijeo Designer
  • SEW Eurodrive: DOP series with planning’s platform HMI-Builder
  • SIEMENS: all the Panel Operator from those of text to Touch-Screen with planning’s platform Protool, Designer and WinCC Flexible

Panel PC:

  • SIEMENSASEMTEMAESA Elettronica, ecc..: panel PC Touch-Screen with planning’s platform Microsoft Windows (Visual Basic 6 SP6, Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server management) or SCADA (WinCC Flexible, Movicon, Genesis on MS-DOS and Genesis32 on Windows, Citect, etc.)

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