n recent years our company has specialized in the production of control panels for industrial automation systems, and more.



R.S.SISTEMI sas takes care of design and construction of electrical control panels of the machine and complete systems “turnkey” according to the specifications given by the customer.


The cabinets are made in accordance with the regulations currently in force by running its test run and issued the Declaration of Conformity.



As for automation systems, each solution, mechanical design is complemented by an electrical part. The R.S.SISTEMI sas designs with the most widely used automated systems, to ensure the client with a full interchange graph that satisfies the required specifications.

In these years we have carried out several electrical control panels for applications in various industrial business areas:

  • Plastic processing industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry
  • Machinery for pressing
  • Industrial machining centers
  • Logistics centers
  • Renewable energy generation industry

Electric Control Panels Electric Control Panels Electric Control Panels


For the realization of all our cabinets use only CE certified electronic and electromechanical components, and major manufacturers in the world in the field of industrial automation. Each cabinet, once realized, is subjected to the tests required by the standards of instrumentation equipment by regular certified.
At the end is always released to the customer's declaration of conformity with standards of electrical panels, attached with the reports of measures taken by us.


In constructing the facilities on board, we pay special attention to the laying of cables, spaced as far as possible the power cables from control cables, especially those of analog and communication are very sensitive to disturbances. Depending on the type of application and needs of the customer choose and install appropriate cables and always complying with the regulations.


The same applies to the use of communication networks applied to industrial automation, more and more required by the market demands, adopt technical solutions based on remote I/O and the most common fieldbus (See section Automation Products). In this way, the realization of the machine greatly reduces the wiring of the cables, the execution time, and we get a total of more rational solutions.

Wiring on the machine Wiring on the machine Wiring on the machine
Wiring on the machine

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