The experience gained in recent years has allowed us to move into different areas including that of "Structured Cabling and Fiber Optic Cable".


The use of fiber optic cables allows to move volumes of data at high velocita'. Being is an optimal solution for the data pass in environments with strong electromagnetic interference sources and not. These features justify increasingly used also in the field of industrial automation.


In recent years we have participated in projects to upgrade the network and data technology to major companies at national and international level. These projects have enabled us to develop new skills in the field of structured cabling.

Cablaggio strutturato Cablaggio strutturato


Our company also deals with diagnosis thermography, non-destructive, with the help of infrared thermal imager.

Thermographydetects thermal models and the temperature variations in the objects; these cameras measure the infrared radiation emitted by a body, determining the surface temperature, and generating the maps in false colors, associated with a temperature detected a corresponding color.

In this way it is possible to detect any problems in time thus avoiding downtime sudden but especially costly to the company and you can also keep up on these temperature variations in their development thus enabling the planning of operations to be performed.

Termografia Termografia

In fact it is in maintenance activities that Thermography is unrivaled giving the possibility to shoot without contact and safely, helping to determine issues relating to malfunctions of machines and plants in general.

Thermography is used in several fields, among others we are going to analyze a few:

  • Industry
  • Process Control
  • Elettronics
  • Photovoltaic


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